Business Opportunities

Sectors that are most promising in Uttarakhand are:

Education:  Uttarakhand already has established its niche in primary and high school education.  While there is more opportunity in this sector, wider opportunity lies in opening institutes of higher learning, private colleges and universities and professional colleges.

Tourism:  Although an age-old tourist destination, Uttarakhand lacks world-class infrastructure in the tourism sector to cater to the large number of tourists who visit Uttarakhand every year.  There are several opportunities in this sector particularly in cities such as Dehradun, Risikesh, Dhanaulti and the higher ranges. 

Real Estate:  Real estate is a fast emerging sector in Uttarakhand.   Opportunities in housing will continue to rise as more and more people now have begun to move to Uttarakhand.

Entertainment: Most cities in this state now seek more avenues for entertainment.  As people have higher dispensable incomes as compared to five years back, people are also looking for avenues to spend on entertainment and lifestyle.  

Retail and Trading: Proximity to Delhi and NCR has opened up options for the residents of Uttarakhand.  Exposure to the national and international retail market has created a demand for popular brands of consumer goods making retail a viable business option.

Infrastructure Projects:  The Government of Uttarakhand is focused on expanding and developing infrastructure within the state.  Public Private Partnerships are encouraged in developing roads, bridges, flyovers, shopping malls and entertainment complexes, housing projects and tourism projects.

Power Generation:  New hydro and solar power projects are being developed in Uttarakhand.  

Industrial Projects:  The State has developed several industrial areas with special tax policies and exemptions making Uttarakhand a viable destination for Industrial Projects.

Agro-based Industries:  Agro-based industries have enormous potential in Uttarakhand.  Uttarakhand produces a large variety of agricultural products, many of which are exported as raw materials.  Several tax exemptions and subsidies are available for setting up these industries.

Agriculture: Uttarakhand’s terrain and weather is suitable for cultivating rice, tea, and many varieties of fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, herbs and medicinal plants.