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Imagine, a village surrounded by mountains on all four sides, a jungle brook running in the valley, green jungles all around, fruit trees growing in a courtyard, red humming birds sucking on yellow blossoms, deers and monkeys roaming in the wilderness, a sunrise over the Himalayas, the night sky flooded with stars above and bright night lights in Mussorie glowing on hill tops

Imagine,.... you sitting in a cosy verandah in your cottage enjoying all this..

And, imagine... all this, only seven minutes away from Rajpur Road, the heart of Dehradun city, only in Kervan Hills.

Kervan Hills, SN’s flagship project is an exclusive dream community in the Mussorie Foothills comprising of farms, farm houses and cottages in a picture perfect Himalayan village. An art in real estate investment, Kervan Hills recreates mankind’s perfect imagination of nature.

Project Status

Phase 1
Sold out.
Site Development: Under Progress
Phase 2
Exclusive Vacation Cottages in 100. 150, 200 and 250 sq yards. The project is open only by invitation.

Project Date: To be announced.

For more details, contact:

(T): +91-11-64646948 / 64646949