Economic empowerments first step to improving women's status
Dehradun , 18 Sep, 2011

How Much change has touched women in smaller cities was discussed by women working in diverse areas of women’s empowerment in the Garhwal region, here, today. The Who’s Who of women from Doon and surrounding areas were present to swap experiences with two young women officers from the US embassy who later gave a presentation on the American experience.

Nazia Yusuf of ‘The Club’ introduced the theme of ‘Women’s Empowerment: Successes and Challenges In Uttarakhand ‘ and touched on her own experience of setting in Doon Valley.

‘It is the largest gathering of professional women in Dehradun,’ said vipul dhasmana of the new found world integrity Center, where the open session was being held. Women had come from diverse backgrounds to learn from each other-micro-finance, education, business, politics, medicine, the corporate world and NGOs were all represented.

Across the lines women stressed on the need to ensure independent income for women as it spearheaded all other forms of empowerment. The core problem was felt by one speaker to be lack of freedom and opportunity’.

Prithhi Khelkar, running a Local NGO, struck a somber note by saying that in her 20year of working with various women’s groups, the major problem that loomed was still violence …around 60-80% women faced violence at home However, economic empowerment helped in the long run and her organizations was working in the area of no-traditional skills with encouraging result. She said. Women took to new skills like gardening and driving. Which were more in demand and freed them from lower paid domestic labour.

Ruchita, a photo-journalist who is currently re-setting in Doon, Saidher priority would be setting up basic medical facilities for women in remote areas, who had to undertake more than to reach the nerest medical center,

Rakesh Dhawan, businesswomen, said she largely employed women, both, in her herbal plants as well as lighting fixtures units. Amerada from the well Know ‘siddh’ educational initiative expectedly stressed on getting the basic of the educational system corrected, while Bellina Madan Shared an inspiring example young women from the Bajaj Institute the tricks and skills of beauty care with excellent results.

Present on the occasion were Living tree founder sangeeta Gairola, Ayurvedic surgeon Dr Rekha Chaudhary, who Has just opened her own college cum clinic in Ballupur, Banerjee from the media and Anupama Joshi, whose company provides finance to micro businesses in remote hill areas.