Cooperation needed for economic growth
Dehradun , 19 Sep, 2009

A Seminar Was organized at the ‘World integrity Center’ located on Rajpur Road on the topic “Indo- US Relations in the 21st Century” The Seminar was organized by the Us embassy, New Delhi.

The Chief Guest on the occasion was Speaker Harbans Kapoor, who welcomed all those present and said that India and US were the biggest democracies of the world and should work with better coordination for economic growth of both the economies.

NC Shadri spoke on India’s potential to market consumer goods across the world and that India And US were fighting the same battle on different fronts against global terrorism.

Us Economic Officer Rebecca Grudger disclosed that the Us was the top export market for India and that the amount of investments by India in the US economy had been increasing with each passing year. She added that, in 2008, India surpassed the amount of investment in US in comparison to investments done by US in India.

Another Us official from California spoke on the bilateral strategic dialogue between India an US on various issues like economic, energy, agriculture, trade, finance, etc. she also said 2.8 million people in US were of Indian origin and 30% of the research and development (R & D) researchers in American Pharmaceutical companies were Indian-Americans. She also stated that nearly 49% of high teach companies in the Silicon Valley, Washington and Washington DC were owned by Indian-Americans.

Sara Hariger. Political Officer in the Us Embassy spoke on the Indo-Us Foreign Policy and its importance, defense ties, trade, ties and diplomatic dialogues on various issues. She also spoke about increasing green house gas emissions globally and what steps were being taken by US and a consortium of 18 developing countries including India to control and bring down these emission by30% by 2020. She also spoke on using green technologies and hybrid cars to reduce green house gas emissions.

He US officials could not property answer questions raised by MLA Dinesh Aggarwal, MLA Karen Mayer. Ravindra Jugran And MLA From Haridwar on issues like why Indian politicians and diplomats were being harassed by Us security at airports and were being physically frisked and whether Indian security too ought to give the same treatment to their US counterparts? Another question that could not be answered was regarding US foreign policy. Which despite knowing that military aid being given to Pakistan to fight terrorism was being used against India, was increasing it 10 times by the Obama administration? Another question that Us officials failed to answer was how the terrorist groups like AL-Qaeda and Taliban got stringer missiles which they used against NATO troops in Afghanistan, as only the US was the producer and supplier of those missiles.

The US officials also failed to answer how many times world they save their economy through bailout of companies and whether or not it was responsible for the bankrupt companies that had sent more than 6 million employees out of jobs.