Social Change and Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand was created to focus on issues that are particular to the hilly regions of Uttar Pradesh. A large majority of the people of this state, particularly people living in the hills, yearn for basic amenities to improve their quality of life. Clean drinking water, electricity, roads, schools, hospitals and infrastructure to ensure livelihood are the top issues in their wish lists. Immigration of people from the villages, particularly men and youth has been a long-standing problem in Uttarakhand. The people of Uttarakhand have been looking up to the Government to find solutions for these problems. The Government is yet to structure policies that will address the large majority of the population living away from urban pockets.

Social change in Uttarakhand would mean a solution to the manifold livelihood issues of the people in the hills. The problems and solutions of this region are intertwined. Social entrepreneurship is probably one solution, a solution that TWIF is exploring with the help of people in the region and by helping people in the region. .