Why us in Uttarakhand?

SN Group was founded with a vision to contribute to the economic growth of Uttarakhand and its people.  Once the state of Uttarakhand was created, the founders of SN Group realized that this state has great potential and resources but lacked a business house that can steer growth with vision and would be dedicated to its development.  SN Group therefore decided to base its operations in Dehradun, provisional capital of the State of Uttarakhand.

Since our inception, our team has devoted time and effort to study about laws, policies and economic opportunities in the state of Uttarakhand.  Over a course of years, we have now gained a thorough knowledge of Uttarakhand’s beaurocratic process, Government policies, and cultural environment. The main factors imperative to entrepreneurship in any place are to understand the investment environment and cultural environment of a place and to find ways to work and succeed within the same.  At SN, we have a dedicated team studying the state of Uttarakhand, seeking possibilities and generating opportunities for business. 

We are an international company with clients from all over the world.  Our international exposure and professional experience distinguish us as the only international company working in Uttarakhand.  We are the only business house in the State of Uttarakhand following international standards in communication, liaison and corporate affairs and client interaction.  In Dehradun and Uttarakhand, SN is the only business house committed to integrity and reliance and complete client satisfaction. 

We have a dedicated and committed team of professionals who have excelled in their individual fields and capacities, backed by experience. If you are looking to do business in Uttarakhand or buying realty in Uttarakhand, SN is the only company professionally dealing with these matters.  We are committed to giving you genuine advice based on our research and experience in this geographical region and sincerity to our clients.

If you are coming to Uttarakhand, call us and we are happy to assist you.  
You may contact us at uttarakhand@sngroup.co