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World Integrity Center, India (WIC) located at Dehradun is the hub of social, intellectual, cultural, entertainment and business activity in Uttarakhand. The Center believes in an integrated approach to community living and upholds and promotes multiculturalism and acceptance of diversity as the foundation of a peaceful society.

Integrity at World Integrity Center represents “One World” held together by differences. The center, therefore, upholds diversity and plurality as the true form of integrity. Through our activities, facilities, events and affiliations, we aspire to provide different forms of entertainment, diverse ways of seeking information and knowledge, multiple avenues for social dialogue, various platforms and centers to engage in artistic and creative expression, facilities and opportunities to involve in sports and games, avenues to socialize and a forum for social networking.

WIC‘s vision is to be a catalyst and promoter of intellectual and cultural activity throughout the country and internationally and aims to provide a suitable ambience for this in the state of Uttarakhand. The Center promotes assimilation of all cultures and shall in principal practice neutrality and non-alliance with any stream of thought, any social or political organization, religion, sect or cult.

The Center houses state-of-the-art dining, lodging and recreational facilities for its members within its premises. It is centrally located, in the heart of the city and is a design marvel. Housed in a colonial building with gardens all around it, WIC has been designed and created to fill one with the joy of beauty.